Thursday, May 06, 2004


The new site is located here.

[Please, Orangers, no more posting here, you'll be receiving your email invites shortly]

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Slowdown, and, announcements

Looks like things have been a little slow here due to everyone working on finals and grading. Just to reiterate, the new site is just about up and running. Orangers, I'll send you your invitation emails to the new blog soon, most likely tomorrow, and announce the new URL then as well.
To outside visitors, hopefully things will pick up pretty soon. We'll be having a modal logic reading and work group this summer, and there will also be a series of graduate student presentations of papers. No doubt we'll blog about these things as well pretty soon. I believe quite a few of us are sticking around this summer.
Again for Orangers, I believe a tentative first meeting date for the modal logic group is the 13th. Y'all should email Kevin Kukla if you didn't express interest earlier and do now.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Logic & HTML

FYI: The current U. Rochester Blog has helpful instructions for putting logical notation into HTML. This will help, as I try to respond to the comment thread concerning paraconsistent logic.

Nice move Mark!


Many thanks go to Matthew at Ektopos , who has generously offered to host us at Ektopos.com. So, we'll be looking quite a bit snazzier pretty soon a la a Movable Type format (check out on the sidebar links Parablemania, This is not the Name of This Blog, or Fake Barn Country for examples). Please (SU folk) send any style suggestions to me at marksteen@gmail.com . I'm busy grading 30 finals and papers right now, so it might take a while before the site is set up and we move. I'll be importing the content from here to there, and we will have integrated comments, no more problems with comments shutting down, etc. And, later you'll get new invitation blog notices for the new deal.
I'll post the new site location as soon as it's presentable enough. By the way, did I mention how much I like Ektopos?
Ektopos Ektopos Ektopos

Monday, May 03, 2004



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